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Flatbed Semi Trailer

What is Flatbed semi trailers ?

The semi flat trailer is useful in its own way as it is designed to provide a special, lightweight semi-trailer vehicle that increases load capacities.
With the improved suspension, damage during transportation is securely fixed to prevent any damage.
Usually such trailers can be easily and quickly maneuvered and loaded according to standard loading procedures.
The usefulness of the semi-flatbed trailer is possible with a pair of longitudinal support beam sections spaced generally in a parallel arrangement.
These extend from the rear of the trailer forward to a wall position perpendicular to the support beams. 

What is flatbed semi trailer used for ? 

It is used for carrying all kinds of flat and heavy machines and loads.
In addition, flatbed semi-trailers are used in container transportation.
For this, Flatbed semi-trailer is produced with different dimensions and provides the best service by 
encountering all kinds of machinery, work machines, production machines, agricultural machines on the flatbed semi trailer . 

Who is the best in flatbed semi trailer production?

Lider Trailer manufactures flatbed semi-trailers according to all kinds of dimensions and features.
Flatbed semi-trailers produced according to European standards are the leading best 
manufacturer in the European trailer and semi-trailer market (Lider Trailer).
Lider Trailer is always ready to produce all kinds of flatbed semi trailers 
with the lowest prices and high quality according to customer demand.    

What are the flatbed semi trailer features?

Flatbed semi-trailers are produced with different features as they are used to carry different loads.
The flatbed semi-trailer, produced with a length of 13 m, a width of 2.5 m and a 
height of 1.20 cm, is produced according to European standards.
We use the best quality of the materials (steel, axle, supporting legs, welding materials, etc.) that we use in the production of flatbed semi-trailers
In addition, our 3 axle flatbed semi trailer has passed 55.000 kg load test and passed the test successfully.  

Flatbed sales and contact informations , 

Lider Trailer give the customers the best prices for ther works , so if you 
have any special specifications for manufacturing please send id to us and we will manufacture as per to your request . 
For get any offer for Flatbed semi trailers please contact us .