Flatbed semi trailer


Lider Trailer is manufacture all types of Flatbed semi trailer with best prices and high quality 

So we are ready for manufacture this Flatbed semi trailer as per to customers  request so if are customers have any special specifications or technical drawing 
we are ready for manufacture as per it . 
  • Flatbed semi trailer 
  • Flatbed trailer 
  • Flatb trucks 
  • Flat deck trailer 
All types of Flatbed trailer is availeble in Lider Trailer . 

Please find our specifications about Flatbed semi trailer in attached . 

ChassisProduced by gas welding machines from high resistance steel
ST52 meterials as *I* section in resistance calculation excessive
loading has been considered with robotic welding machine. 
Axles:Produced as 3*16 tons capacity, automatic braje adjustment
lever and compliance with european standards. 
King Pin:Produced with wrought iron (42 cr Mo4). That’s high resistance to
tension and breaking off compliance with 3, 5’’ or 2’’ SAE/DIN norms
and provides easy replacement posibility with screw connections. 
Side Walls and Floor:Floor is checkered steel plate or hardened wood. Side walls
Is steel. 
Air Suspension :  “Lider” Brand mechanical suspension system.  
Brake System:Designed according into the european standards are used on
equipped with automatic brake adjustment brake chambers (30
cylinder), Brake Disk (394x210 mm) axle brakes system. There are
two pieces of replecable protective brake sockets.
Rear Axles 30x30 Service emergency bellows. 
Landing Gear: Each has 24 tons double and 50 tons single working capacity
and double speed mechhanical support leg. 
Tyre:Tubeless tyre in Lassa or Pirelli Brand. 
Electric System24 Volt electric systems in accordance to EU regulations. 



2-)Single basket spare Wheel carrier producted with aliminium panel
3-)1 piece of fire extungisher cabinet
4-)1 piece of tool cabinet
5-)Stanless steel water tank
6-)1 piece wege
7-)Bike fences
9-)4 Pieces Ro-Ro rings. 

So this specifications about Flatbed semi trailers is according to European standards 
You can use this Flatbed semi trailer for longer life if you buy it from Lider Trailer