Flatbed with side wall

Flatbed with side wall


Lider Trailer for manufacture all types of trailer and semi trailer in Turkey . 

Among our products is Flatbed trailer with wall . 
These walls are for loading goods that are likely to occur or move when the flatbed trailer is moving.
 Also, these flatbed trailers can be covered with a tent in the flatbed trailer from the walls in order to cover all loaded goods so that they are not exposed to the environmental factors that cause the disruption of this goods. For example, when bulk modules or electrical materials are loaded onto these flatbed trailers, these walls can protect them from the sides. Drivers can cover all flatbed trailers on all sides through the gears they put through the walls on top of the flatbed trailer.  
These walls can be dismantled and installed as requested by the customer. 

Produced by gas welding machines from high resistance steel as *I*
section in resistance calculation excessive loading has been
considered with robotic welding machine. 
Axles: Produced as 3*12 tons capacity ,automatic braje adjustment lever
and compliance with european standards. 
King Pin: Produced with wrought iron (42 cr Mo4). That’s high resistance to
tension and breaking off compliance with 3, 5’’ or 2’’ SAE/DIN norms
and provides easy replacement posibility with screw connections. 
Front Axle Lift Controlled from axle lifting system into the cabin. 
Air SuspensionConsist of height adjusting system with lowering and raising
parobolik Z spring and shock absorber elements limining the
accesive axle movementaxle movement. 
Brake System: Designed according into the european standards Wabco products
are used on equipped with automatic brake adjustment brake
chambers (30 cylinder)
Brake linings (420x200 mm) axle brakes ABS system.There are two
pieces of replecable protective brake sockets. 
Tyre: 6 Units tubeless tyre in 385 / 65 R 22, 5 sizes Goodyear or Pirelli
Floor Covering:In the shape of 3*4 mm diamond type wooden gril. 
Electric System24 Volt electric systems in accordance to EU regulations. 
Side Walls and FloorFloor is checkered steel plate or hardened wood. Side walls
aluminum or steel walls. Optionally can be design for pipe trasnport. 
Paint: Trailer clean before painting and repair with paste for smooth face.
Then prime paint and double last paint regarding customer reguest in
Paint Oven. 
Standart accosseries: 1-)Bumper
2-)Single basket spare Wheel carrier producted with aliminium panel
3-)1 piece of fire extungisher cabinet
4-)1 piece of tool cabinet
5-)Stanless steel water tank
6-)1 piece wege
7-)Bike fences
9-)4 Pieces Ro-Ro rings. 
If you have any request or special specifications for manufacturing please contact us and we will help you .

You can finde the specifications about our Flatbed Semi Trailer in attached